Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Good Morning! Christmas has come & went and the New Year is just seems to have flown by! I love the holidays & just hate to see them go. We were so busy & I was sick & I just don't feel like I got a chance to savor it as much as I wanted to. I guess that's a goal for next Christmas, to savor it all. Hey...maybe that should be my goal for the New Year, to savor. To savor each ordinary moment with my family. To savor each moment with my Savior & each moment he has gifted me. Yeah, I like that.

I do have a goal for this month, it's to blog more & figure out how to post photos to my page. I have a beautiful quilt my Aunt Vickie gave me for Christmas that I'd like to post a picture of as well as some yummy gifties from Ken & the kids that I could share.

Well, keep warm & stay safe out there today!! God Bless~

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  1. Hi! It's great to see you here! Savor can be your word of the year!
    I think that mine is going to be "home". I look forward to reading about all of your goings ons!